Student & Parent Testimonials

To respect my students’ confidentiality, names are omitted. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for references.

“Ms. Johnston provided us with diagnostic results on reading constructs such as comprehension (listening and silent reading), work recognition, miscue, fluency, attention, and memory. She also provided a list of goals, strategies and recommendations specific to our daughter’s individual reading profile. She continued to meet with our daughter on a weekly basis to practice skills and strategies. After approximately ten tutoring sessions, our daughter re-took her benchmarks and increased from a score of 2 (inconsistent mastery – below grade level) to a 4 (superior mastery). We feel confident that the skills that Ms. Johnston taught our daughter were key to this increase in her testing and performance in reading.”

A Happy Tutee's Reaction“Ms. Johnston has changed the way I write, spell, speak, read, and think.”

“Overall, I think this Language Arts class was extremely helpful and it will be very different without it next year.”

“I was very impressed with Ms. Johnston’s work with us. She was good at figuring out just where [my son] was and what to do about it. And I will be eternally grateful to her for putting her finger on the thing that would directly treat the problem. She gave me knowledgeable and sound advice about how to proceed from where I was, who to talk to, what to ask for, and what to expect. [My son] and I both were feeling stuck and hopeless and she unstuck us.”

“I have opened a new space in me of what I enjoy. ”

“When I first came to this Language Arts class, I didn’t know what to expect. LA was always a struggle for me, I was on a low reading level, never enjoyed writing, and had extremely poor vocabulary. That has all changed now.”

Student Testimonial Image“On a personal level, Ms. Johnston related well with our daughter. She interacted warmly with [our daughter] and showed a personal interest in her which helped our daughter feel more confident and comfortable with tutoring. She communicated with us weekly through email, phone calls, or in-person meetings to keep us informed about our daughter’s progress in tutoring and checked with us to confirm any impression she had of [our daughter’s] strengths and weaknesses…Finally, Ms. Johnston was reliable and conscientious in her tutoring work and always displayed a high degree of professionalism.”