My Approach

I believe all people have their own special set of strengths and passions that if recognized and developed can result in a fulfilling life and career. I find nothing more wonderful than discovering those traits in my students. When we find them, it is important for the student to use these strengths in a school or work setting so they can be successful and happy. They can also often rely on them to build confidence and overcome areas of weakness.

I also work to solve problems, and my main objective is for students to access their potential to be happy, independent learners as opposed to becoming dependent on a tutor’s help. Success for me is when you or your child no longer needs me.

Specific Process for Tutoring

My process varies depending upon the services needed and the age of the student.

Young Language Arts Students

Listen & Asses
I first talk to parents and the student (at no charge) to find out what the child’s difficulties are and what objectives they have for tutoring. Then I meet with the student for diagnostic assessments (carefully planned so they are not overwhelming).

Find Solutions 
Based on the results of the assessments, we try strategies that might help until we find the best solutions.

I communicate with parents regularly about what we are doing and the results. Sometimes I will ask parents to fill out forms or follow up with assignments at home (assuming they are willing) to hasten progress.

Work with Teachers as Needed 
I provide a clinical report for purposes of sharing with teachers or other professionals if clients feel that will help, or I will attend school meetings as requested.

Move to Independent Learning
Parents are free to continue tutoring or stop as they wish—there is no minimum number of sessions. Usually I will suggest ending the sessions when I feel the student can independently follow the new strategies and progress on his or her own.

I may also offer a small group session for younger students if I feel they might learn well in such a setting. The benefit for parents is that small group sessions are less expensive, but of course a bit less personalized.


Listen & Choose Setting for Learning
I meet with clients for a free session to understand what they want to learn. Based on the meeting, we’ll choose either a one-on-one format or a small group format, whichever they think would better suit their needs.

Develop Customized Program
I design a learning program based on their needs and regularly check to make sure I am meeting those needs. I email students with individualized feedback or practice exercises as needed.

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