About Me

Robin JohnstonI have been an educator for 30 years and have worked with all levels of students as an English teacher (elementary, middle, and high school). For 18 years, I taught core Language Arts at the middle school level. For the past two years I have been a teacher mentor at a public high school.

I completed several training programs in critical thinking (such as Paideia, Philosophy for Children, and Junior Great Books). Experience has taught me that critical thinking skills are essential to sound literacy.

Since  I was assigned to a teaching position preparing students for the NC Writing Assessment, I also focused several years on designing effective ways to teach expository and argumentative writing. Writing and reading skills reinforce each other.

In an attempt to help my students who struggled with grade level reading and writing, I spent many years of professional development (and graduate degree work) on diagnosing and tutoring students with various forms of dyslexia. I discovered that one-on-one intervention can make a tremendous difference for students who have not learned in the traditional way.

Finally, I volunteered as an English as a second language tutor through a local church and the International Center. I found working with adults was just as rewarding as working with children.

Credential Overview

  • Vanderbilt University, Bachelor of Arts, English & Philosophy
  • UNC-Chapel Hill, Master’s in Education, K-12 Literacy
  • UNC-Chapel Hill, Master’s of School Administration
  • UNC-Chapel Hill, Master’s Degree work in Philosophy
  • National Board Certification in English & Language Arts
  • Orton-Gillingham-Wilson training (a multi-sensory approach to reading)
  • Training and Teaching in critical thinking programs including Philosophy for Children and Junior Great Books
  • N.C. Reading License
  • Barton Reading Program Tutor


My blog, Thinking About Educationhttp://robinwilsonjohnston.edublogs.org/

I offer curriculum for sale at Teacherspayteachers.com: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Robin-Johnston